@NickiMinaj is bringing out multiple lines, expanding her brand, and doing wonders for her image! An OPI nail polish line in January 2012, a fragrance, and a clothing line, based around her unique style, have Nicki Minaj’s fans roaring with excitement. Nicki’s OPI nail polish line will consist of loud, colorful lacquers that definitely compliment her color palette wardrobe and resemble her image.

When thinking of her fragrance, I see uniquely odd packaging and a scent combination of sophistication and sexiness. Her clothing line is puzzling simply because she could give us anything based on her many personalities. We could see Nicki as the girl from Queens, the Harajuku Barbie, Nicki as Roman, or all 3 in one! This is exciting but we must wait. So ladies, just know that if you ever wanted to “minaj”, hehehe, you soon can in a Nicki kind of way!

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